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Who We Are

Pradhyumn Foundation is a registered Trust working for Child Safety in India. The foundation came into existence with the collective conscience of the whole nation being shaken owing to diabolical killing of the seven year child Pradhyumn Thakur at his school.

The main objectives are as follows:

  • To primarily work for child rights, safety and security of kids in a school and funding research on subjects related to children and child psychology.
  • To work for safety, welfare, well- being, protection, reliability, solidness, soundness, safeguard , surveillance, security, rootedness, confidence and comfort of the children across the nation and to discard and dump any kind of vulnerability and danger pertaining to the children at school, homes, prisons, remands, institutions etc.
  • To work for the cause and engineering related to children in general and specially cared and handicapped children in particular with the help of different agencies responsible for ensuring and monitoring child safety at institutions.
  • To work for the overall holistic change in the education system in the light of the prevailing flaws in the present educational system.
  • To work as watch dog for ensuring effective implementation of the guidelines, rules, laws pertaining to child safety and security at school.
  • To ensure justice for children through institutional, social, legal or political means.
  • To work for the betterment of education and motivation for overall development of children.
  • To work as the bridge between deliverer and recipient of education by making each of them aware of their rights and duties related to safety at school.
  • To train teachers and parents in ideals and practice of the true spirit of the education and learning and at the same time developing their skill to sense and identify the red flag at any institution.
  • To impact society in a positive manner through its direct involvement, commitment and participation and also empowering individuals, organizations and communities at large by organizing various conferences, lectures, interns or assign training, campaigns, activities, tutorials, symposium, seminars, talk show, walk show, co-curricular activities or so.

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